Claytan Dinner Set

CLAYTAN Modern Sakura 16-piece Dinner Set This pinggan mangkuk set is made of ceramic, giving you assurance that they can be used and reused for a long time. The delicate design also adds just the right amount of uniqueness to these dinner set from Claytan.
Weight: 10kg
RM 189.90
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Modern Sakura by Claytan

16-piece Dinner Set (for 6 persons)

Inclusive of

10” Dinner Plate (Pinggan Makan)

6 units

8” Meat Plate
 (Pinggan Kuih)

6 units

8” Siam Rice Bowl (Mangkuk Kuah)

2 units

5.5” Fruit Dish (Piring Sambal)

2 units

Product Information

Code:CTG 1-810616

CLAYTAN Modern Sakura 16-piece Dinner Set